What does cold-pressed mean?

Cold-pressing is a process that gently grinds the produce, and presses it slowly between two plates reaching 1800 psi to release every drop of plant power they possess.  The result is a higher yield, greater nutritional content, and a longer shelf life due to the reduced amount of solids and oxidation.  Cold-pressing is the only method of juicing that enables juice to be bottled without preservatives or pasteurization and still maintain a 3-5 day shelf life.  We have a commercial X-1 Cold-Pressed Juicer from Goodnature, made in the USA.  They are a company that has been around for 40 years and truly makes the best commercial cold press juicers in the world.  Check them out here: www.goodnature.com

Also, you can peek inside our juice kitchen windows for a look in person!


What about my juicer at home?

The juicer you have at home is probably a table top centrifugal juicer (example: Breville Juice Fountain). It uses a fast moving slicing plate that creates friction to quickly pulverize fruits and vegetables and spin the juice to the outsides and down the spout.  The high speed and friction creates heat which negates some of the enzymes and nutrients in the produce. Don’t let this discourage you! Home juicing is a great alternative if you don’t have access to a cold-press. Be sure to drink the juice right away and use the leftover pulp in a recipe, as it usually still contains a high moisture content.  Use our old friend Google to research the difference between Centrifugal and Cold Pressing!


Do you use Organic produce?

All of our cold-pressed bottled juices always use organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs.


Why is the juice so expensive?

At first glance, bottled cold-pressed juice does seem expensive, we agree!  Plants are vital to our well-being as humans.  They contain so many nutrients necessary for our daily bodily functions.  They also are powerhouses when it comes to fighting diseases from common colds to even cancer cells.  We need plants.  Unfortunately in our world today, most of us are not getting enough.  Cold-pressed juices are a fantastic way to get the concentrated nutrients of two to five pounds of fruits and vegetables in one bottle, immediately available to be absorbed by your body.  We invested in a top notch commercial juicer capable of pressing 25 pounds of produce as one time.  We carefully select organic produce, wash, prep, press, label and bottle it all by hand.  And if you've ever juiced at home you know how much of a pain it is to clean up after!  We've taken care of that too ;) A lot of hard work and love goes into each bottle.


What is local?

We have reached out to people in our community with every step of the journey of launching this business.  Farmers, builders, label makers, glass suppliers, home chefs, bakeries, beekeepers, screen printers, plumbing suppliers, florists, residents and more.  We love being a part of this community!


What’s different about your smoothies?

We never use any flavor syrups, refined sugar, HFCS, or anything else weird.  We love nature and want to use what she gave us without making it strange.  All of our smoothies are also dairy free and gluten free.


When should I drink my juice?

The best time to drink juice is on an empty stomach.  This allows the vitamins and minerals in the juice to go straight to your bloodstream.  Drink a juice about 20 minutes before a meal to get your digestive enzymes going.  You also might find it lessens carb or sweet cravings and may motivate you to eat something healthier than you might have been planning on.  A juice makes a perfect midday snack as well.  Of course a cold-pressed juice is superior to say, a soda, so if you want to drink a juice with your meal, go on ahead!


Do you recycle your bottles?

YES! We offer you a 25 cent credit for each bottle you bring back!  We can only accept visibly clean bottles. The best way to ensure this is to rinse them out right when you're finished enjoying them and leave the caps off to dry.  Take it from us, once juice has dried on to the beautiful glass bottles it's very difficult to scrub off.  And let's not even talk about what happens when juice is left to "grow" inside a bottle!  Let's just say we aren't interested in accepting science experiments :) We appreciate your understanding. We chose to bottle our juice in glass and work very hard cleaning and sanitizing each bottle by hand in our very small kitchen.  Thank you for understanding and participating in our recycling efforts!